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Content strategy




Cosa ho fatto
• Art Direction
• Brainstorming
• Presentazione


Saikebon ha un target giovane, 18-34 anni, e cerca di concentrarsi sul segmento di generazione Z. Nel 2020 il brand vuole qualcosa di nuovo per:
– parlare direttamente al target utilizzando i nuovi canali media
– favorire il coinvolgimento con la meccanica creativa
– comunicare l’innovazione con il suo posizionamento

Starting point
Some nights, we just want to devote our time to relaxing and fun activities, alone or with people who would understand.

Those nights every second we spend cooking, tidying the room or cleaning dishes is a second we could have spent doing what we really like.
Saikebon is our best ally in those nights: our nights.


Let’s spend the night with the perfect combination: noodles and games.

Branded content
A sofa, a console and a friendly host who offers a Saikebon dinner to his guests. In the meantime and after, they’ll joke, talk a little about themselves and play video games.

These are the ingredients of Saikenight, the branded content published weekly on Saikebon’s social channels. There will be a host and a guest list, one per week.

Digital activation: the game platform
Saikebon will host an online video game tournament where everyone is invited. 6 online tournaments will determine 6 winners. Then they will have the opportunity to compete live in an exclusive event during Milan Games Week.